Useful Photographic Smartphone Apps

Useful Photographic Smartphone Apps

Following on from the fantastic evening we had at Viewfinders on Tuesday with the excellent and informative lecture from Chris Button, he has kindly sent on some details of the photographic apps he mentioned for Android and Apple smartphones.

One of those he demonstrated, which shows where the sun will rise and set to allow you to get into the best position for your shot at exactly the right time, is called The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE), and is available both for Android and Apple.

He also discussed the hyperfocal focusing distance and this is available in the app DOF Calculator for Android and Setmycamera for Apple.

The app to work out what shutter speed to use when you’ve added an extreme long-exposure filter is ND Filter Timer for Android and LE Calculator for Apple.

Finally, the best app for tidal information is TidesPlanner but this is only available for Apple. There are many other similar apps for Android, however, such as Tides Charts Free.

Hopefully you will find these useful.