Minor Update On Website Access

A minor update on website access

You should now see that when you visit the club website, the browser ‘address bar’ now displays ‘www. viewfinderscameraclub.org.uk’ (replacing the previous temporary display of ‘www.romseyviewfinders.org.uk’).

This is all largely cosmetic, but it would be very helpful if you could check a few simple actions to help tidy up any loose ends going forward.

  1. If you have ‘bookmarked’ a link to the website, could you ensure this now points to the official website address of www.viewfinderscameraclub.org.uk
  2. If you are using the RSS feeds to the blog (e.g. on your mobile phone), could you now use http://www.viewfinderscameraclub.org.uk/?feed=rss2 (as noted on the site front page)
  3. You may find that if you type in www.viewfinderscameraclub.org.uk it still displays ‘www.romseyviewfinders.org.uk’ (which will revert to viewfinderscameraclub.org.uk if you navigate the site). This is probably because your browser has ‘cached’ this address. In this case could you clear the cache (e.g. for Internet Explorer – Tools->Internet Options->Delete Browsing History). It may also be a good idea to turn your router on and off.

Access through www.romseyviewfinders.org.uk will remain in place for the foreseeable future, so you should not see any interruption to access.

Please feel free to contact via webmaster@viewfinderscc.org.uk if you have any queries and I will do my best to answer them


Chris Maidens