Image of the Month request

Are you the member selected to provide the Image of the Month for August??

Now we are into August the Image of the Month on the Viewfinders website needs to be changed. Participating members were selected earlier in the year and assigned the month for which they needed to select and supply their high-quality image. So far the webmaster has not received the image for August and it seems that no record was kept of who is to provide each month’s image. If the August image was assigned to you, could you please send it through to the webmaster (in the same format as for our assessments and trophies) so it can be put on the website for all to admire.

Can members who have been selected to provide the images for the remaining four months of the year also e-mail the webmaster so he then has a record of who will be providing the image each month.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing your images on the website.