Nature Trophies Competition

Viewfinders Nature Trophies Competition

On Tuesday 25th October the Nature Trophies competition took place at Viewfinders and this proved to be a very successful evening for Terry Jamieson. Terry’s print “Fungi Clusters” was placed first; his print “Call of the Wild” came third and he also claimed a Seal of Merit for “Aeshna Patrolling”. Tony Rackham’s print “Canary-Shouldered Thorn” was awarded second place. Margaret Cooper also received a Seal of Merit for “The Gift – Carmine Bee Eaters”.

Tony also found success in the Projected Digital Image (PDI) category when his “Knapweed Fritillary” was placed first. Jean Dalton’s “Heart of the Iceberg” was placed second in this category and Jean also received a Seal of Merit for “Bald Eagle”. Angela Lobley’s “Humming Bee Moth” was third. Angela also received a Seal of Merit for “Cave Bats”, as did Julie Darby (“Seals in the Blowing Sand”) and Jillian Koernich (“Snail”).

The judge for these competitions was Leo Rich who took time to comment on each of the 73 images (25 prints and 48 PDIs) in the two categories; a wide variety of subjects, within the ‘nature’ definition, were entered.