Urgent – Committee Members Required


The Viewfinders AGM is taking place on Tuesday 4th July, when the new committee will be voted in for the year ahead. Many of the committee members are willing to stand again but there are three critical posts that need to be filled. These are Chairman, Vice Chairman and External Competition Secretary.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Chairman’s role is not a particularly onerous one, and is a good opportunity to become more involved in the running of your club. The willing support of the other committee members makes this a great post to hold, and could even be done in close collaboration with the Vice Chairman to allow sharing of some tasks, if required. For more information on the specific tasks involved, please see the previous post ‘The Chairman’s Role’.

The role of Vice Chairman is currently just a supporting role, to stand in for the Chairman where necessary, and support the committee and club members. It is a very straightforward post and would give a newer member an insight into how the club is run.

The External Competition Secretary role is a very interesting and rewarding one, since it offers the opportunity to see lots of work from other clubs and to follow how Viewfinders is progressing. Viewfinders, along with other clubs, enters a number of external competitions throughout the season, and it is the responsibility of the External Competition Secretary to ensure our entries are where they need to be for each competition/exhibition. Currently, these are the external competitions in which we are involved:

SCPF Leagues: Running from October to March
Inter-club competition with 8 images from each club judged at 8 venues by 8 different judges.
Prints: 2nd division (5 divisions of 8 clubs each) PDIs: 3rd division (7 divisions of 8 clubs each)

SCPF Championship: March
Club competition – 15 prints and 15 PDIs. 3 judges each scoring out of 5 points.

SCPF Finals Day: May
Top scoring print and PDI from each club from the SCPF league rounds.

PAGB Great British Cup – Club PDI competition: February
Small Club 10 PDIs, Nature up to 21 PDIs. Highest 10 scores count

SCPF Exhibition at Salisbury: January
Organised by Malcolm Richardson

There really isn’t a lot of work involved in this, since a separate selection panel have the task of choosing the work from club members to enter into each of the competitions, and this will be provided in the correct format required. The retiring External Competition Secretary commented: ‘I have found it a rewarding job to do, especially the interaction with our panel members, visits to other clubs and the chance to see top judges. I can highly recommend the job to anyone wanting to hone their photographic skills.’


Please think carefully about the above roles and whether you are able to get more involved in the running of the club. It is a rewarding experience helping to shape the club as it goes forward and would be a shame for us all if Viewfinders is not able to continue as a club. The constitution states that we need to fill all of the committee roles, so we need some members to come forward to take up these posts or we may have to consider seriously the future of the club.