Print of the Year Trophy – Tuesday 12th September

Tuesday 12th September 2017 sees the Print of the Year trophy competition taking place at Viewfinders. This is your chance to submit any print that was submitted previously to ANY assessment or trophy over the 2016/2017 season. This is always an evening of great photography on show, and the judge, Giles Barkley, is sure to have a very tough job to select the winners, but his great experience will ensure an entertaining evening and fair result. Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates plus any seals of merit Giles feels appropriate, will be awarded in both the Primary and Advanced sections.

If you started the last season in Primary and managed to move up to the Advanced section during the year, you can submit any prints that you entered in the Primary section, and also any prints that you subsequently entered in the Advanced section.

All print titles should be submitted by e-mail to the Trophy Competition Secretary at by midnight on Friday 8th September.

The PDI of the Year trophy follows shortly afterwards on 26th September, with Paul Thackeray coming along to judge our digital images. So start thinking about your entries for this also, and ensure that images are submitted to the Trophy Competition Secretary by the deadline of midnight on Friday 22nd September.

Let’s hope for a really good submission for both evenings to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding time. Good luck to you all!