Panel Trophy – Prints

Next Tuesday, 7th November, is the Viewfinders Panel Trophy for prints. This is always a very good evening, and this time we have Jon Mitchell coming along to judge our work. The Panel Trophy competitions are always well-supported with a good number of entries being submitted on a wide variety of interesting subjects and themes. Please submit your panel entry titles to the Competition Secretary by midnight on Friday 3rd November, and we now require digital jpg files of your images to be submitted along with your titles. These should be sized as for any other assessment or trophy competition to a maximum dimension of 1400 (wide) x 1050 (high) pixels. You should already have received information on how these should be named, but just in case you missed it, the details are as follows:

For the print to be shown on the left of the panel, this should be labelled: author name_panel title_LH
For the print to be shown at the centre of the panel, this should be labelled: author name_panel title_cen
For the print to be shown on the right of the panel, this should be labelled: author name_panel title_RH

If any individual titles are requested to help the judge, then these can be written on the back of each print and will be read out at the meeting.

For those newer members who haven’t yet experienced one of the Panel Trophy evenings, it is a great opportunity to be even more expressive and creative through your photography. All work submitted should be new to the club, not having been entered into any other competition or assessment previously, and is simply a collection of three related images on any theme of your choice (see rules T9 and T10 in the Rules for Assessment & Trophy Comps document under the ‘Useful Documents’ tab). The images will be considered both separately and how the panel works together as a whole, with Gold, Silver and Bronze being awarded plus any Seals of Merit the judge feels are appropriate. The three images should be mounted separately in mounts not exceeding 500 x 400 mm and should be labelled clearly on the reverse with your name, the panel title (and any individual image title, if required) and positioning (Left, Centre, Right) so that the person putting the images on the stand for the judge to view gets them in the correct order. If you need any further information or help, please contact the Competition Secretary or other member of the committee.

Please submit your titles to listing your name, the panel title and including the three individual jpg images for each submitted panel by midnight Friday 3rd November, and we will all look forward to a very interesting evening ahead.