Keep up-to-date with the Viewfinders blog

Do you want to stay bang up-to-date with the Viewfinders blog, catching up with posts as they appear on the website? Well now you can – set up a live feed to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and you’ll see any new posts when they are added.

Android users

  1. Download the free App ‘Scrollable News’ from the PlayStore.
  2. Once this is installed, open the App and add the Viewfinders feed:
  3. Look in the Widgets tab, and drag the Scrollable News widget to one of your home pages. You can configure the widget and set how frequently it refreshes under the Edit Settings menu.

26-11-15 - Phone feed

Apple IPhone users

  1. Your IPhone should already have the News App installed.
  2. In your Safari browser, enter the link to the Viewfinders feed:
  3. Click on this link and you should receive the prompt:
    ‘Open this page in News – cancel or open’
    Select ‘Open’ and this will add the Viewfinders feed to the ‘Favourite Feeds’ within the News App.
  4. Go into your Notification Centre and ensure the News App is included in the list.

If you would prefer to see just the ‘Coming Up’ post detailing the programme for the next few meetings, then use the following link instead: