Chairman’s Evening – ‘Wet and Dry’ by Len Deeley

Tuesday 5th January 2016 is Chairman’s Evening at Viewfinders Camera Club. The Chairman, Lynn Lambeth, has invited renowned underwater photographer, Len Deeley, to come along to the club to present his talk ‘Wet and Dry’. Len has visited the club previously when he gave his ‘Underwater Photography’ talk, which was very well-received with some impressive underwater images.

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This latest talk is illustrated by a mixture of audio visual sequences and photographic images from the various strands of photography in which Len is involved, and will include photography of underwater subjects and those on dry land, too. Don’t miss this opportunity to support the club at this special Chairman’s Evening for what is sure to be an impressive display of photographic work.

For more information about Len and his work, please visit his website at