Extreme Macro Photography

We already see some impressive and stunning macro photography from some of our Viewfinders members, but have you ever fancied taking it even further? This website from Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel http://www.extreme-macro.co.uk offers guidance and information on just how to do that. Having struggled to find the right information when he first started, he gives help on the equipment you might need at an accessible price, appropriate processing software available and tips on techniques that will help you progress further. There are interesting postings and comments from other photographers keen to get into this field, and he is always encouraging and enthusiastic in his approach to their questions and queries.

http://www.extreme-macro.co.uk is a free learning site put together by experienced and keen macro photographer Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel. It is geared towards budget-conscious intermediate level macro photographers who want to know how to do extreme macro photography and what is the best equipment to use.

Take a look at the site to see his stunning photographic gallery and to find out how to move your skills even further into this amazing and impressive field of photography. We look forward to seeing some of your results in the future.