About Us



Originally from Southampton, Viewfinders was formed in 1969, moving to Romsey in 1973. In 1982 the Club moved its home to The Jubilee Hall in Timsbury to accommodate growing numbers.


To help and encourage members to enjoy their hobby through mutual interest, regular assessment opportunities, competitions, lectures, tutorials and activities. The Club encourages complete beginners and challenges the seasoned enthusiast.

The Membership

The Club has a wide range of photographic ability within its members. There are two classes: Primary for the less experienced and Advanced for those whose photography has progressed to a higher level. There are also a number who have chosen to attain levels of distinction with renowned photographic institutions.

Club Meetings

The Club meets nearly every Tuesday evening from September until July at 7:30pm in the Jubilee Hall. Exceptions are normally the Tuesdays following a Bank Holiday.


Throughout the year guest speakers are invited to give lectures on a wide range of photographic topics. These can range from portraiture to macro photography to landscapes and nature. They are intended to inspire, inform, interest and guide all levels of photographer.

Assessment Evenings

During the year there are eight Assessment Evenings. An external Judge reviews, critiques and awards points to any images the members choose to present. The purpose is to give members a critical view of the work on display and thereby help the members improve their imaging. The points gained by the Primary Class go towards promotion to the Advanced Class. For the Advanced their points go towards the Photographer of The Year Award.

Competitions – Internal

There are various internal Club Trophy competitions during the year open to all members. Most have an award for both Prints and Projected Images and there will be a particular theme relevant to the trophy. There is also a separate trophy for Print of The Year and PDI of The Year for both Primary and Advanced Classes.

Competitions – External

The Club is an active member of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation and competes in both Print and PDI competitions against a number of other Clubs in The League. The Club will normally host one evening for each type of image during the year.

Club Evenings

Throughout the year there are a number of Club Evenings where Members may present tutorials or topics of interest; a local group outing may be arranged with ‘photo opportunities’; an activity evening of some description may be organised.

The Club is always pleased to accept new members of any photographic ability. We should be pleased for you to come to one of our meetings so you can see if the Club is for you.

For further information, please contact our club secretary:

E-mail – Club Secretary