Results 2018-19

Monthly Assessment Results (2018-19 season)

Assessment 1 Print (25-Sep-18)

Assessment 1 PDI (25-Sep-18)

Assessment 2 Print (30-Oct-18)

Assessment 2 PDI (30-Oct-18)

Assessment 3 Print (27-Nov-18)

Assessment 3 PDI (27-Nov-18)

Assessment 4 Print (29-Jan-19)

Assessment 4 PDI (29-Jan-19)

Assessment 5 Print (26-Feb-19)

Assessment 5 PDI (26-Feb-19)

Assessment 6 Print Scores (26-Mar-19)

Assessment 6 PDI Scores (26-Mar-19)

Assessment 7 Print Scores (30-Apr-19)

Assessment 7 PDI Scores (30-Apr-19)

Assessment 8 Print Scores (21-May-19)

Assessment 8 PDI Scores (21-May-19)

Primary PDI/Prints Advancement Scores

Score Sheets Primary Prints

Score Sheets Primary PDI

Print/PDI Of The Year (POTY) Scores

POTY Print Scores


Trophy Results

Print of the Year 2018 – Primary (11-Sep-18)

Print of the Year 2018 – Advanced (11-Sept-18)

PDI of the Year – Primary (02-Oct-18)

PDI of the Year – Advanced (02-Oct-18)

Nature – Print (09-Oct-18)

Nature – PDI (09-Oct-18)

Panel – Print (13-Nov-18)

Panel – PDI (12-Feb-19)

Les Fredericks – PDI (16-Apr-19)

Les Fredericks – Print (16-Apr-19)

Landscape – PDI (14-May-19)

Landscape – Print (14-May-19)

Print of the Year 2019 – Primary (04-Jun-19)

Print of the Year 2019 – Advanced (04-Jun-19)